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گروه کارخانجات و معادن نیک فر ( برشکوه ) به مدیریت آقای بهنام نیکفر با بیش از 50 سال سابقه در تولید و فرآوری سنگ ساختمانی ، دارای 9 معدن سنگ فعال و 2 کارخانه فرآوری سنگ در زمینه تامین سنگ ساختمانی فعالیت دارد.

Nikfar group Co. was established in 1963 by the late Mr. Mostafa Nikfar in Mahallat, a city in center of Iran and 250 km away from Tehran. Stone quarries and factories of Nikfar group with rich back records of half a century of experiences are the largest owner of quarries,processing in natural stones industry, building stones and exporting to the other country which is an Iranian manufacturer of wall and floor tiles, suitable for housing projects, commercial and industrial use.

We provide all kinds of famous natural stones such as Travertine, Marble, in different colors and sizes with different surface finishes: Polished, Honed, Tumbled, Brushed, Antiqued, Bush-hammered,Sandblasted, Natural cleft, Spilt face and Chiseled in cross cut vein cut.

At the time being this company has nine travertine quarries and two factories and is looking to increase its production varieties by working on new quarries and equipping the factories with new machinery for different finishing and cutting. Our aim is to win the trust of our clients by providing stones of highest standards and remain as leaders in stone production.

Zhool Stone Co. is working as a subsidiary company of this group in Kurdistan of Iraq.

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